• Global distribution structure
    • Efficient worldwide support in order to succeed with the OEM panel in your priority countries
    • Develop the strategy on a world wide basis without any major investment so maintaining
      a focus on the core business
  • Additional access to OEMs and their First and Second Tier Suppliers
    • Set up a new way to conquer different markets and increase the number of customers
    • Reinforce your brand, know-how and innovation with the right customers
  • High inside knowledge of the automotive activities in the specific markets
    • Capitalize and share the GAA expertise and knowledge of the complex organisations
      of the automotive customers
  • Longstanding contacts to the OEMs and their suppliers
    • Support of a strong network of relationships at every level at the customer
    • Get a top-to-bottom global vision of the OEM and their First Tier Suppliers
  • Fast, flexible, decentralised decisions
  • Competent partner with highly skilled and experienced employees
    • Tailor-made utilized support through the GAA and its Members in the different countries
      such as: sales support, engineering services, quality services, consulting services